Welcome to DuelAccelerator.com


Well, this site if you are new, has been around for many years, it used to be a YuGiOh Online Community site, but as the game was closed by Konami we were wondering if we should continue on.

With the advent of YGOPRO & DevPro dueling systems we decided to refocus, and keep the site running, now supporting the new preferred platforms. The site will be here as a community site for all, along with hopefully holding events and giving away prizes, such as Steam Codes or other digital content.

I will try and also have a section for tutorials on as many subjects to do with YuGiOh, whether it be YGOPro/DevPro or the mechanics behind the actual game itself.

Anyway, that is all for now, updates to the site will be posted here for all to see. So in the mean time, have fun.

~ Administration.