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The Ego is a would be King, The Control is the crown

Posted 03-27-2010 at 06:55 PM by Ardaam

Looking at many successful teams in the past of YuGiOh Online, or even sites, you always have someone running the show, or the energy behind the cause, someone that isn't afraid to make decisions, and should things go right over a period of time, the energy trickles down to the team mates or site staff and it in turn fuels a whole new energy within the organization.
People say that the Ego is a bad thing really cannot see how when you are a small fish in a big sea, you need someone to stand up and become a shark. People will rally around them and gain more confidence in themselves, thus creating a stronger ethos to the entire group, which in turn with more Ego will gain more people and in turn the cycle continues. However in alot of cases, this can have a runaway effect, which with anything in life excess is the downfall. Thats why control is the crown. But the control that you may think I'm speaking of is of the people. Far from it, its control over yourself that allows you to regulate and bring everyone together in a positive way. Power isn't sitting atop a throne having people do things for you. Power is working with people, sharing your ideas,ideals and experience, and then leading forth a new group to do the same for more people. A Structure of Power is less like a Pyramid and more like a Wheel, whereass the Pyramid towers above, the whell lies flat on the same level with everyone, meaning that there may be a leader, but he is nothing but the same as everyone else.
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    Think your mistaking Ego for Charisma.

    Ego in a person is self gratification , believing yourself to the point that your the " be all and end all " and usually leads to suspicion and downfall.

    Charisma in a person can galvanise people, makes them believe , enthuses them into action.

    Also the successful Teams i find are the ones who work together as the word Team in meaning.

    just a thought

    Posted 03-28-2010 at 11:34 PM by -EB- -EB- is offline
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    GuerreiroBR's Avatar
    I guess he truly meant Ego -EB-, and I understood what he is talking about.

    Although I also think you are right about Charisma and what this word means for a leader.

    In a way or the other, the point here is what you said -EB-, "work together as the word Team in meaning"

    Posted 04-01-2010 at 05:28 PM by GuerreiroBR GuerreiroBR is offline

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