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2 years in game

Posted 10-04-2010 at 12:26 PM by Icingsugar

Well 2 years I have been about now and things have been both good and bad for me. Iím settled in my life which is busy. I donít play the game as much now but am regaining a lot of the confidence I lost with a series of betrayals by people who clamed to be my friend but used and manipulated me in order to gain favour with others.
Iím not as angry as I used to be because my life is settled and I try to stay away from conflicts that would cause me pain. I do still boil over but I find kicking things is often a safer option than speaking your mind.
I nearly quit a few times in the past year in fact I even gave my account away once and had to buy it back.
I still find this site friendly and welcoming and only left to try to help a friend, other factors I wont go into destroyed that and we struggled on but we could not rebuild in the climate of YO2ís death and YO3ís still shaky birth.
Where am I at well hopefully my last year of study and then its decision time as to if we start a family or wait till we can be permanently together.
As far as the game goes I guess Iíll be about for a while longer yet but am falling behind on the cards and Iím going to try the Wii Duel Transer game when it comes out.
I have to thank the Dark Dualist team they have helped me and even have got to play clan wars which lifted my competition playing.
I had a big disaster when card making account was lost I had close to 300 I have copies of around a 100 but the rest are gone for good.
Iím inspired again now and have made my first competition, http://www.duelaccelerator.com/forum...read.php?t=935 go on make a few cards have a go

I feel more like the confident me that was about before the Vcon server failure and I have you all to thank for that. And now my first blog on the new site I had stuff on the old one but again a series of issues lost them when the site had problems.
Oh Ard the Elle Cooper curse is lifted I was worried when I went to buy the outfit.
Farah, Pheonix and VV have been great friends over this troubled time I have a lot to thank them for.
I also have Adopted Parents as well now in Jeannie and Katfish who keep my rebellious spirit in Check

I best shut up and if you got this far thanks for reading Izzy
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    tiggerrat's Avatar
    I have been playing for over 3 years now. I have to say I love this game. I don't have enough time to be the most competitive duelist, but I am continually learning. Phoenix is a great mentor, no team ever had a more loyal member than him. I am also know as Katfish to many duelist, but here I am Tiggerat. My 2 characters represent my duality (no pun intended) Katfish uses theme decks, would never be caught burning, my nice guy character. Tigg is a Meta minded, kill them quick, burning is fun, evil side of my character. Kat has more friends, but not as many as Tigg has haters. Either way I love my team, and those of you that have been on the team for more than a year, know I will stir things up occasionally. Ard has called had to get on me more than 1 time since I joined.
    Ard is a great leader for this team, he really tries to be fair to everyone. Hes a very respected duelist, and all the time he has spent running this site shows his dedication to this team. Muraz, or the professor is one of those incredibly knowledgeable individuals that can answer your most impossible questions, right off the top of his head. He makes it sound so easy some times you just can't believe his suggestion will work...till you try it. Farrah is driven, I think she really wants to be a YOC champion. She has come close a few times now, and dueling her is a great learning experience. I wouldn't change a thing about this team, we have all the parts we need to be a major force. If we ever decide to work together, instead of competing with each other we will be unstoppable.
    Posted 10-11-2010 at 05:44 PM by tiggerrat tiggerrat is offline

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