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Truth Between Me, TexcyBurkehart, Silent Sleeper and DuelCity Elite 2

Posted 11-21-2010 at 03:03 AM by Aura

2. My Effort in trying to become in DCE team again.

I have given up hope on becoming a Moderator again, but I really hoped that I could make it in DCE team again.
I hated being alone and I have done so much for this team that I can't give up on it.

During my stay in DCE, I have made Schedule for this team, keep updating it until it's good for training and
card trading schedule.
I also making information gathering on the opponent team right before a clan war.

See here : Schedule 1 | 2 | 3 & Team Data 1 | 2 | 3

I made these by chasing every one in DCE team and asked them one by one so that they could help each other.
I made the team data by watching a lot of videos (until I got sick in one of the days)

a. I consult LordMelchett on how to get into the team.

LordMelchett suggestion Image

First of all I made a resume to somehow get into a duel trial for getting into DCE and sent it to
By my surprise, I didn't even get the chance to have a dueling trial, and funny that it said that it has nothing to do with my kicking out of the team
while SIlent said that he made the team think that the team should forgive Tex and me at the same time.

First Attempt Image

Lord said that he will use his influence to get me back if I could somehow made peace with Silent and said that Silent
is the key for me to get back into the team.
So my next attempt is to make peace with Silent and hoping that he would somehow accept me back.

For these attempt I promised to make new avatar set for the avatar system,
I made a new Forum Introduction pictures
with new rules and I made a picture for his DCS Showdown Forum.

Silent Gives in Image
DCS Showdown Image

He likes the DCS Showdown Picture I made this with hoping that he would listen to my reasoning on
why me and Tex shouldn't be forgiven at the same time.
And he finally agreed with me.

Then I went back to Lord, he said he would prepare for a trial soon...
But after 1 or 2 weeks of waiting, it makes me worried since there hasn't been any news about it.
I can't believe that a trial for this kind of dueling trial will take this long.
Vanc lost all of his patience and asked me to ask Silent to make us back without any Dueling Trial.
Silent takes around 3 days to answer his wish, at this time Vanc has already decided that if this didn't work out.
then he decided that we both should join the Vastacon forum instead.

Fearing that this online relation will ruin my relationship with my bf
I let Silent knows about his decision and I also made many deal to his forum if we can somehow get into the team.

Silent finally agreed to help but he won't ordered the team to get me back into the team he would only support me.

After awhile I finally get my answer from Lord and I'm shocked.
The people there didn't wish for my return.

Lord Last Answer

What is this ?!
I'm surprised and asked Silent on what happened and whether he could tell me what's the real content of his message
Some friends in DCE gives information about this that surprise me and I ask Silent confirmation.

Silent Explanation 1 | 2

First of all I'm sorry I'm really lost myself on that moment.
I apologized to LordMelchett and Vastacon for making you look bad/
Silent said "If things didn't work between us" as between me and the DCE team while the real
thing is that if things didn't work between me and my bf.
and make things up that my bf has joined Vastacon. When ?!

The DCE team has a very bad relation with Vastacon.
No wonder the team think of it as an ultimatum.
I sent a message to fix things up to Silent, but sadly he sent the reply of that after 2 weeks.
because he has to attend to his aunt who was passed away ceremony.

Silent sent his fixing last message but it was too late.
Most people in DCE hated me, and It's all because of this.

I hate to admit it, but I could only think that this is a pre-planned things made by SilentSleeper.
He knows that the relation between DCE and Vastacon is very bad, I even have already asked him to not say the thing about us joining Vastacon Forum if it didn't work, but Silent still give it and even make things up that my bf has joined Vastacon .

I intend to quit the forum and the game quietly while doing fan-art.
but things got ugly when TEZZORI made a suggestion in suggestion thread
to make 2nd tier team that doesn't involve skill as the requirement to get into DC.com Team.
This is one of my suggestion to Silent Sleeper, but he disagree
practically saying that it's troublesome to take care 2 teams.
What makes me mad is not the idea is not accepted.

It's dubina's and Aris' post that trouble me.

Aris said that the team is about fun and dub said to stay active and give application to get into the team easily.
While the real one is to be good in meta form deck.
Why hide it and gives a fake information to the whole forum ?

Dubina said that there is "no issue" in the team while I'm still around.
If there is no issue, why isn't the team even tried to clear my reputation relation between me and Tesx ?
I asked Silent Sleeper in the past to make it clear to the whole forum of our difference.
Silent refused to give the reasoning to the forum.
I thought since I still owe Lord a favor, so I just stay quiet about it.

After Dubina's provoking me to post everything I know message,
I have decided to make all of this clear intead of making this an unfinished business.

My Efforts through out the years I serve SilentSleeper is the same as Tex quick making decision that always
ended up on making me and LordMelchett have to clean Tex mess.
I admit that I am very DISSAPOINTED and I REGRET giving my support to DCE team and Silent Sleeper.

My Efforts image

It is very ironic that Silent once said this to Vastacon people :
"The things I have done for them and this is the thanks that I get!"

I'm throwing the same line here to SilentSleeper and all of DCE people.
"All the efforts that I have done to DCE people and SilentSleeper, and this is the thanks that I get."

Also please refrain to post anything about this in the DuelCity.com
It's for your own good, there is a system in the forum that can make you can't access DuelCity.com
without having the status of being banned

Miserable List Image

With this system, SilentSleeper can have the future trouble makers to be "disappear" without notice.
You can still access it, but it's very hard to get into the forum.
I can't seem to access the forum anymore as well now after TEZZORI suggestion thread, so I think that I'm already in this list.

This list is notable to be used on a DuelCity.com Members that is to be "expected" as Vastacon Member.
also used on those who behave badly and make SilentSleeper mad.
Once he used this on a member who didn't know that Silent is an admin and badmouthing him during a game.
Please be careful.

Please help me clear my reputation.

Thank you,

Ex-Moderator of DuelCity.com
Ex-DuelCityElite Team Member
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  1. Old Comment
    Orihimekun's Avatar
    Hmm interesting read, I can definitely understand your frustrations aura as vcon was treated with similar reasoning.
    Posted 11-21-2010 at 04:40 PM by Orihimekun Orihimekun is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Aki Izayoi's Avatar
    ouch...thats just not right..sorry to hear that all..
    Posted 11-23-2010 at 09:52 PM by Aki Izayoi Aki Izayoi is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Phrozen's Avatar
    hmm...very interesting indeed, i know how you feel, me along with many others have done loads for DC, i was one of the first members to even join the site and got deleted weeks while on vacation and returned to be deleted for no apparent reason
    Posted 11-29-2010 at 05:50 PM by Phrozen Phrozen is offline

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