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Truth Between Me, TexcyBurkehart, Silent Sleeper and DuelCity Elite 1

Posted 11-21-2010 at 04:04 AM by Aura

I was a moderator for DuelCity.com for around 1.5 years
I want to share my experience with the people here and I will explain everything of what actually happened in the last 3 months.
I'm going to divide my story into separate section to make this clear.

1. My Relation with Texcy Burkehart

As you all know that this person has already moderated in Duelcity over 2 years.
I have worked with him for approximately a year and We have a very different personality.
This is what the co-moderators think of him :
He is very self-centered and didn't think much when making a decision.
Lord Melchett as a moderator confirmed this and added "He think universe revolved around him"

At first I respect him as a moderator and I support his action for around half a year.
As my experience as a moderator in the forum gained I was starting to doubt that his way of moderating is right.
He gave banning and chat banning to members very fast, there is no warning before giving this decision even to people who's new.
I was once talk to him to give a warning first before giving this kind of decision.
but He actually think that it's the right thing to do, and what makes me surprise is that Silent Sleeper gave him
reputation for doing this.
I apologize but I actually can't say anything after hearing that Silent as the admin support his decision.

My relationship with him getting worse and worse after DCE discussion is bring up to Moderator Forum.
I divided this into these occasions :

a. DDDPunisher was kicked out of the team without notice.
Texcy sees him being inactive in the team so he was kicked out of the team without notice.
He was still active at that moment in the forum and in the game.

Here is the discussion looked like : DDDPunisher 1 | 2 | + Choosing Moderator

This is the first time that I know that Tex has been kicking many other DCE members without noticing him or her.
I'm very dissapointed and very mad to him when I knew this and things got very ugly with Vanc (my bf) fights with Tex.
In here, he actually mentioned that he was given the power to choose moderators freely which makes me doubt SilentSleeper now.

b. ShadowServer x IcingSugar Problem.
Icing sugar posted a thread about a card that is being rent to Shadow Server and that she didn't give it back.
LordMelchett deleted the thread then I went to Icingsugar while Lord went to ShadowServer to redeem the problem through discussion.
I was just giving comment and I was flamed, this makes our relation even more worse than it is.
I don't want to make things get ugly like DDDPunisher problem and I have no back up from
Vanc (My bf, since he quit from DCE and the forum because of Tex last attitude) so I stay silent about it.

Here is the discussion looked like : Shadow Server x Icingsugar

In here, I truly think that he is a menace, I know that ShadowServer did a bad thing from IcingSugar Screenshot pm.
But it's not right to treat somebody else this way and flaming me for no much obvious reason.

c.Kenjinito Problem

Here is the starting message by him : Text post on Kenji
I know that requesting about changing forum account through game online is not allowed .
From Tex explanation, he was afk and when he is back, Kenji was angry with him.
but why go for the trouble of ignoring Kenjinito ? Why purposely ignore a person when the obvious solution is just saying :
"Hi, I'm sorry I was afk, can we talk about this later in the forum ?"
So if anyone has attitude problem with Tex, he is going to ignore him/ her, how is this right ?

d. Other Unbelievable Actions

- Texcy Burkehart went outwire and for no reason at all, all the sudden I got this PM. : Tex PM Image
- Tex quitting attempts that has exceed more than 5 times, this is the latest one, : Tex Quit Image
Point of Irony since I tried so hard to make him stay in the forum on all attempt before the latest one)
- Tex Confession on having 2 imaginary sisters ; I'm shocked, not because he has 2 imaginary sisters, but because I
drew these 2 imaginary sisters and she act like nothing. New Year Image | Tex Vs Harley Image
- Deleting my "Last Stand" thread ( A thread in which I asked SilentSleeper to take Texcy down from his position
because I can no longer tolerate his actions ) and editing its content. ( I thank you Giglamesh for his support on this decision)
See here : Deleting Last Stand Image.
- The true identity of Tex. I didn't mistype "he" all this time.
Tex real name is Steve , he is a guy, and after all that time I treated Tex like my best friend.

Are these the right behaviour for a moderator to act ?

Silent's finally decided to give an answer

Silent Answer Image

"Stay on task please" There is no specific warning for Tex's thrash talk toward me. I did debate, but I didn't
trash talk Tex at all ( I think).
I can't believe that the person I worked for could treat me this way.
He didn't warned Tex at all for his conduct and behaviour.

Around two weeks after this Silent answer on this "drama"
Tex made another problem. He created a fan-fic that has no connection at all with his fan-fic.
Sadly I don't have the fan-fic, but from LordMelchett information.
In the fan-fic Texcy was killed by Nichi/sleeze (members in DCE that now become junior moderator). and they
were ordered by LordMelchett.

Tex made an apology "speech" in the DCE Lounge, he said that he is going to step down from moderator if the team wanted to.
Nichi and Shadow Server are the first said that Tex has to step down from moderator.
but before the voting's done, the thread was closed by Tex Comment by saying
"Now that most of the teammates say that I should stay then I will stay, there were only around 8 members who post in that thread.
Nichigo and ShadowServer leave the team after this.

I can't take this anymore and I decided to made a private message on how tex behave in Moderator Forum to the whole team.
After this I was kicked by Silent from Moderator and also kicked from the team because of Silent's wish, influence and power.
After me and Tex was kicked out of the team, Nichi and Shadow Server came back to the DCE.

I asked on why I got kicked from the team. I can understand that I got kicked out from moderator because I released
a discussion that can only be showed in the moderator forum, but why kicked me out of the team ?
I even got and all of the thank you message from half o the team for the act that I did
. Turn out, LordMelchett can't do much but to kick me because it's simply SilentSleeper wish.

SilentSleeper gave me this reasoning : Silent Reasoning 1 | 2 | 3

I apologize to SIlent for releasing that discussions but why not try to understand my feeling ?
and he stated that we should only be forgiven at the same time ? How so ?
The teammates doesn't have grudge to me as much as they have to Tex, why go with that ?
That's like saying a murderer and a thief to be given the same amount of punishment.
How is this right ?

and saying that I'm disrupting the forum is outragious, I was only giving this message to the team.
Saying the team as forum is not right.
If the disruption I caused made Tex kicked out which made Tex gotten kicked out, then does this mean
Silent Sleeper will still overlook Tex 's mistake again ?

He also said that he can tolerate Tex problem action because he did a good job in moderating.
I am speechless, he called all that as a good job... ?
Why did Silent Sleeper can consent for his outragious actions while he can't consent mine for
my one and only action that sharing to the DCE team of his real behaviour ?

A good job is a quick decision with no thinking ?
What about me ? What did he think I have done for this DuelCity.com forum ?

I made seasonal Christmas, halloween, and Valentine picture
I even made indexes for almost all of the sub-forums in the forum.
I still do the general task I have as a moderator.

These efforts take months ! and SilentSleeper said that he can tolerate all of Tex action because he made a
"quick" decision while he won't tolerate this my one action in which I tried to protect the team ?
How is this right ?!

and he still ask me to keep my effort on the fan art and index updating.

But I decided to stay silent about it, and be patient,

Continued to
Truth Between Me, TexcyBurkehart, Silent Sleeper and DuelCity Elite 2
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    rickychase18's Avatar
    interesting but meh dce's issues and duelcity as a whole isnt sumthing to be paraded in other places although i understand where your coming from and that this is a blog such inner workings might not be so relevent to here but yeah i understand and im sure you will fit in well here ^_^ so yeah thts all i cn really say after one readthrough ^_^
    Posted 11-21-2010 at 08:34 AM by rickychase18 rickychase18 is offline
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    Ardaam's Avatar
    Eh ricky, if I may, the blogs you can post things such as this, thats the reason they are there, also can't wait for part two, 1 was a fantastic read.
    Posted 11-21-2010 at 02:34 PM by Ardaam Ardaam is offline
  3. Old Comment
    rickychase18's Avatar
    Fair Enough Ard
    Posted 11-21-2010 at 06:59 PM by rickychase18 rickychase18 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Sand's Avatar
    would like to welcome you to the "Dark Side" ... cant help you with your rep at Duel City (as i am banned for taking up for friends ) but its safe around here i do believe ... i am surprised not to see my name on the miserable list tho but thats another story for another time

    sorry that you were treated that way i know that i had a run in a few months ago where an admin from another forum accused me of hacking DuelCity and pretty much stopped my forum visiting for almost all places ...

    ok enough of my rants

    welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your stay .... i might not be staff here but if you need any help on anything if you cant reach a staff member feel free to contact me i will be glad to help


    GMSandstalker, sToTs
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 12:21 AM by Sand Sand is offline
  5. Old Comment
    cyberninja's Avatar
    Quite the read but then again not a surprising outcome.

    Texcy has always pretty much been allowed to operate with impunity and this account of facts somewhat reflects that. HE/She has to be one of the most dishonest people to be in this game.

    - Multiple personalities in order to scam cards from people. Including vastacon as Clara, claiming that her account had expired and she had lost her cards. In other words a thief
    - Gender identity misrepresentation, which I believe may be a crime on a children's oriented site. Surely to gain the trust of some of the female members and take advantage of some of the more gullable male members. That's hearsay since I cannot prove it, but it wouldn't surprise me.
    - Making all the negative claims about us

    its pretty clear that this person is an intellectual midget with serious selfestime issues and needs to be a position of power in order to feel good about "herself".

    I wouldn't be surprise that there is a direct relation to Silent Sleeper as having someone like that around is more trouble that is worth and "she" got to be around for a very long time

    Posted 11-22-2010 at 12:59 AM by cyberninja cyberninja is offline
  6. Old Comment


    First hi all i registered tonight at 5am with school tomorow just for see this thinks here.. Im migueljoker leader of vip and i want to say here that this is stupid realy, first aura i dont know you and your story but i study psycology and i just saw there one think sayin, Silent's finally decided to give an answer and he was WORKING ALL DAYS lol thats not from a persona that respect the others a lot, and i saw also on that screens one think talking to texcy where u put this smiles ^^ that since u dont know they are cinicals, so u was pissing her, also all people here if READ WELL the post will see she is not a respectfull person. Cause if someone HAVE IRL life u should respect it. I dont judge nobody and as i use to say to team m8s if u dont like then ignore him.If u was so right of yourself u should had ignore, but one think that i dont acept here is saying she is a scamer, cause if someone say ANY OF MY MEMBERS IS SCAMMER will have to talk to me so, when u can add me on msn.
    And other very funny think here is that u say HE IS A GUY, and u show no proves she saying that. Other very funny think is that u are so right and u protect a lot your members that u post DCE stuff here. LOL Ofcourse u love them to post here that to show their private stuffs.LOL ANY PERSON WITH PERSONALITY EVEN IF DCE OR OTHER WORK U WAS DID THE MOST BIG sh1t TO U (that isnt the case cause u realy loved to piss her) NEVER WOULD USE PRIVATE STUFF FOR REVENGE NEVER. Thats like i have a girl and tell her i did one think on past, then we broke and she fck me with that think i did telling other people.. So for this post and for the way u talk i see why this got like that..wow and almost forgot congratulations for can push texcy so hard that make her out of her mind like that, i never saw before realy congrats (aura moves)
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 05:19 AM by migueljoker migueljoker is offline
  7. Old Comment
    NeoArtisan's Avatar
    @migueljoker you do have a point, we dont rly know if some of the claims aura made without evidence are true or not. But does any of that matter when you consider the pm texcy sent her? is there ANY justification for a moderator to pm a member threatening them and saying that they hate them and hope they die? putting ^^ at the end of a sentence sure as hell doesnt give her/him a reason to do that. And Aura never said that she didnt make any mistakes, she just said that she deserved better treatment considering all the time/effort she put in.

    As for the silentsleeper thing i think she was complaining more about how he reacted not when.

    Im sorry about what happened aura but we cant rly help you. You are welcomed to hang around this site if you want but there's not much we can do about your DC issue, infact if we did interfere we would just make it much worse, as you have seen simply mentioning our name in DC isnt allowed lol.

    And to be honest Aura you are probably better of completely giving up on rejoining DC after this, i dont think they're gonna like how you posted this content here. I think the best you can hope for is that the remaining friends you have on DC dont turn their back on you like they did to us.
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 11:48 AM by NeoArtisan NeoArtisan is offline
  8. Old Comment
    lol man, i dnt will even talk more, but just to tell u, to anyone talk about my friends/teamm8s and one think to answer u, neo artisan, lol she sended that letter telling her to die etc as a moderator cause aura pissed her as hell, so i think if someone piss u a lot to the limit u will be acting the same way. (just if u dont care cause u have afraid of all people and u are a victime from the world) so ^^ think before talk also lol
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 05:45 PM by migueljoker migueljoker is offline
    Updated 11-22-2010 at 07:16 PM by NeoArtisan
  9. Old Comment
    NeoArtisan's Avatar
    migueljoker to be honest i couldnt understand the first part of your comment so cant say much about that.

    But how would you know that i would act the same way? i cant say that i know the full story of what rly happened between aura and texcy, but if a forum member kept harassing me i would just give them a formal warning first, if they kept on doing it then would just have to temp/perm ban them depending on how bad the harassment was.

    Now on the other hand if they were annoying me without actually breaking any of the forum rules (which appears to be the case with aura) i would just have to consult with the other forum staff about it and if they didnt think a punishment was necessary then i would just have to PUT UP WITH IT, that's all there is to it.

    Believe it or not some ppl have the tolerance to not snap and threaten others just because someone annoyed them on a forum. Such behavior wouldn't be acceptable from even a regular member let alone a moderator.

    Also using profanity is not allowed on the forum so i would appreciate it if you stopped getting around the censor like that. Either type it right and let it get censored or better yet dont type it at all.
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 07:18 PM by NeoArtisan NeoArtisan is offline
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    Ardaam's Avatar
    To be fair, Aura, has no association to DuelAccelerator.com nor VastaconINT. Contrary to popular belief we do not harbour everyone and anyone that has a problem with DuelCity.com. But we also allow people within reason to speak their mind. We are as open a forum as we can, the blog section is for personal writing, rants included. So should someone wish to publish some documentation that leaks information from another site, it is up to that person, not to us.
    However migueljoker, I do ask you now, why have you come, apart from to defend a team mate, but has the team mate themselves not come to clear their name. It is perfectly fine if they wish to do so, but by no means is it a battleground for people.
    But there is also evidence that something happened between Aura and Texcy, and to the point where Aura felt that she was wronged enough to collect this sort of evidence of this and publish it somewhere where she felt it to be safe from deletion. If I were you, I would be less to jump to conclusions and speak to Texcy about this situation, because you certainly are not informed enough on any of this entire saga to comment on it whole heartedly.

    - Ardaam
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 08:34 PM by Ardaam Ardaam is offline
  11. Old Comment
    Phrozen's Avatar
    O_O DC will never fail to cause an uproar
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 09:46 PM by Phrozen Phrozen is offline
  12. Old Comment
    LOL she didnt came here, cause she dont want cause more problems and i even said, i would talk myself. I know her very well, and i also see some aura reactions that all can see, that are cinical ones. I dont judge nobody and all could have their point but jump out of that till call scamer, or man, to any of my members i just dont acept. And if she wanna talk she can pm me.And also ardam u dunno also the story as maybe i know, i always like to see both parts but just seeing that think of, OR u acept me on team or i go to vastcon lol thats childish i have to agree. im not for dce or vastcon or somethink cause i dont like a lot forums etc, or online problmes lol cause i already have my life to take care, i just dont want people to say sh11t about my friends/members as i sayed before, and if was true to pm me just that.
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 10:15 PM by migueljoker migueljoker is offline
  13. Old Comment
    Ardaam's Avatar
    First of all, you assume that we would have welcomed anyone who came defecting from DCE with open arms. You do realise these are people who did not once raise their voice to defend us when our names were being dragged through the mud. I would have flat out refused entry into VastaconINT for that. You also seem to assume that I am only looking at this from one side of the story, I have known for months about Texcy and Auras relationship, but unlike Aura, Texcy has refrained from being associated with us due to the tension between DuelCityElite and Vastacon, and to be perfectly honest, with some of the crap that happened to us in the first place, if a few people still dislike her a lot, that is perfectly understandable. But Auras post is much more than simple trash talking, she has put up evidence of the entire argument, between the two of them, she saw what happened to Vastacon, she learned from our problems, she took her own action.
    Regardless of this we no one is badmouthing your team member here without evidence shown, so if Texcy has a counter argument to prove that this is all fake, then let her post it. Team members are not all children, they should be big enough and bold enough to fight their own battles, I would advise you to let them do so.
    Also I am giving you a second warning for bypassing the profanity filter on the site.

    - Ard
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 10:46 PM by Ardaam Ardaam is offline
  14. Old Comment
    FreeCell's Avatar
    And the reason for bringing me into this is....?
    Posted 11-23-2010 at 12:36 AM by FreeCell FreeCell is offline
    Updated 11-23-2010 at 12:42 AM by FreeCell
  15. Old Comment
    Shuwa's Avatar
    I chose to delete this message
    Posted 11-23-2010 at 05:38 AM by Shuwa Shuwa is offline
    Updated 12-23-2010 at 10:50 PM by Shuwa
  16. Old Comment

    Wouldn't feel right if i never chucked my 2 bits worth in hehe

    But regarding the post to start with Aura plain and simple is obviously and understandable Angry ( in the way she has been treated ), Confused ( at the actions of others ) and more than rightly ( in my opinion ) wanting a little bit of revenge. ( the only reason it has been posted here )

    Now for the main story of the post i have absolutely no doubt in its truth (contrary to some people's accusations that the posts were fake and made up by alt account's and the like ) and accuracy as I've knows all this for quite some time now. ( yes i do know everything )

    As for the more personal accusations ( texy is a guy and other stuff ) well tepid really could have been worse considering the way Aura has been treated but true or not they are irrelevant to be honest.

    Its an interesting and insightful look at the way DC is run and the way Members and Staff have been treated.

    As for Texy herself perhaps Miguel you should take a look at her very own Fanfic's on DC as a student of psychology i think you will find it extremely enlightening and perhaps a bit disturbing lol.

    As for the sudden jump into calling people names and involving Teams thats just bad, these blogs are for people to express there opinions and irrelevent of Miguels points of view hes entitled to them as much as anybody.

    Perhaps your Vasta Mods should be stating and enforcing this too.

    Posted 11-23-2010 at 07:01 PM by -EB- -EB- is offline
    Updated 11-23-2010 at 07:05 PM by -EB-
  17. Old Comment
    NeoArtisan's Avatar
    ya thats true EB, sry should've checked back this blog sooner since it was obvious a comment like that was gonna come out sooner or later >.<

    Please keep the comments clean guys and avoid any personal insults. Shuwa you've been following the forum rules ever since you joined, no need to change that over something like this.
    Posted 11-23-2010 at 08:54 PM by NeoArtisan NeoArtisan is offline
  18. Old Comment
    just one think to add, as all know vip got banned from itb cause dx scamed us on bet duel, i think yogi posted prints in a few sites. LOL so the scamers here are dx bt also dnt want more fights cause they dnt pay and no so no point for that. And about texcy i trust her more than this i saw lol for me are normal actitudes taken by someon that see, that 1 person stole and try to k1lL all her work.And if anyone have doubts about dx just ask yogi87 the screens or i think he had post on some site, that they run after bet duel.Thanks
    Posted 11-24-2010 at 12:59 AM by migueljoker migueljoker is offline
  19. Old Comment
    lol shuwa anyway my inglish is bad yes but at least im not so noOb as u man lol. + if u can understand this i hope u get a info, i dont steal members from anyones team, i dont need we are in 3 from 2000tp from first, and we are also in first of dl with clan war members we always had.and look about your team that i dont even know who is, but if someone join my team they ask us to join LOL i dont need to ask members to your team lol. and if i pmed someone before and he join, isnt my fault is their wich to leave, u cant make them stay on your team saying ''stay on this team'' they do what they want, is the same think if u ever got a girlfriend and i eat her, isnt my fault lol she wanted also and i didnt know even that was your girl, so if u wanna complain to someone, complain to yourself cause u cant make your members stay by yourself LOL. ps= next time u insult me, look at the mirror first lol
    Posted 11-24-2010 at 01:13 AM by migueljoker migueljoker is offline
  20. Old Comment
    Shuwa's Avatar
    I chose to delete this message
    Posted 11-24-2010 at 02:00 AM by Shuwa Shuwa is offline
    Updated 12-23-2010 at 10:50 PM by Shuwa

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