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Phoenix's - Part 1

Posted 04-11-2010 at 02:44 AM by Phoenix

When i jioned this game so very long ago, i didnt think i would get involed in the game and the community as much as i have been, it was something to pass the time while i recouperated.
Its so easy to underestimate the effect people have on each other, but these people are the reason i have stayed around this long, the good people as well as the bad ones, and i have always known that.
Many People do see their effects they have within the community and the people around them, so they re-act responsibility to this role, they grow as people, and change to better fit that role, but some people dont.
I see people doing the same things as they did when i first jioned the game, never growing improving, because they fail to recognise the things they need to improve and get lost in their own hubris. Which would be fine for themselves but we come back to their effects on the people around them, and you see these same traits coming through these new people, and its so disheartening to see.
You should encorage enthusiam, new ideas and be a guiding influence, not push ure beliefs and negativity on them, just let them grow and help them when they need it, not force it upon them. Well thats how i see it anyway, im not a guy that wants little clones of who i am running around like some people are, i want them to be strong independant people after all.
I am Phoenix, i make mistakes, this is how i learn and grow, its how i make weakness into strength, it is who i am
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    tiggerrat's Avatar
    Phoenix it's sad to think that on line friends can impact our lives as much as they do. This world is getting smaller by the minute, and the Internet is one of the greatest contributors to the shrinkage. If you expect some people to learn from their mistakes your in for a disappointment. Some are hard wired to continue to repeat their mistakes, expecting a different outcome.(the original definition of insanity) If you watch them closely it's almost like watching a bloopers reel, accept the laugh and go on your way. To encourage them just might put their life in danger. Then their are some that effect your heart, to me you are one of those people. I have been on this team for over 2 years now, and have learned that this team is more of a social function than a yu-gi-oh team site. Yes we encourage each other and share idea's but we learn to care about each other as brothers. My mistakes have given some laughs, my insight has given some strength. I am Tiggerrat I make mistakes, I try to learn from them (sometimes unsuccessfully), but I know there are a few of my brothers that will pick me up and dust me off. I am happy to be here.
    Posted 04-20-2010 at 05:36 PM by tiggerrat tiggerrat is offline

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