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When Building a Community: Some people are stubborn as bricks

Posted 09-25-2010 at 09:11 PM by Phoenix

Well i havent been around much recently due to work, but there has been a side project i started to work on before work got so heavy and that i had been working on for almost gone 6 months now. However, today that project came to an end, and it didnt end how i wanted it too unfortunately either.
At the time Ard was bringing the community together with others, Vert et al.... with the duelcom network. This inspired me to start building relations back with duelcity, it has been 2 years since our split and we have come such a far way since everything happened between the sites i figured it was time to start mending fences. At the start it was working, and things progressed, slowly admittadly, but in dc i met good people and new duelists. As you would expect in these situations there was detractors in this, working against my presence in dc. This didnt matter to me, i had regualer contact with mods in there, mainly texcy, and was allowed to participate in events, post freely as well as talk in the shoutbox openly, which led me to meeting some good new people.
Then everything turned, in duelcity there was a fall out, since i dont know all the detail i wont post what i know of it, all i can say is that Texcy and Aura were no longer mods and several members had left dce. Which unfortunately left me with a problem, since it was mainly the people who that didnt like me being in dc that remained in dce. So i was first banned in the duelcity shoutbox for talking to nichigo and shadowserver in the duelcity shoutbox, aparently they didnt want me to talk to them, and me asking shadow to duel jamevan in a vertecles tournament that she entered was offensive, that and i was not allowed to mention another tourny in duelcity even tho duelcity elite the official team of dc were dueling in them, which i found to be just slightly odd.
Then Lord Melchett kept editing my posts without speaking to me or telling why he had edited them. This kept up, until Aura posted in here asking me to pass on any messages to her in duelcity, when i did this melchett changed my post to something un-recognisable which posted myself ect... in a bad light, so i said enough is enough and challenged him on it, until he replied, and just said mod decision is final. no other reason than that. Then when i challanged him on everything he had no reply, so several days reply with no response from dubina and melchett, so i asked why i was still chatbanned and why they were still deleting and editing my posts that did not break any of the rules.
This is the point where i got banned once again from dc. I could not believe the turn around in the last month, especially since i have not been around much. Within a month of melchett and dubina gaining full control in dc i was quickly kicked off of dc, and im not blaming them entirely here, i know several of duelcity elite members who pushed this forward.
Ironically if you speak to all of the non dce people in duelcity they actually like me in there, as icing and others can confirm that have been in dc while i have been there, in which i met alot of good people and its just a shame i cant speak to a few of them anymore. So there is hope in dc for the future, but for now, theres very little chance of building bridges with the current batch of dce members, well some of them at least.
Hopefully others may have better luck than i in the future at bridging that gap between us and dce, but at least we can say we tried for now
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