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Peace but following our own path

Posted 10-27-2009 at 12:14 PM by Phoenix
Updated 10-27-2009 at 06:31 PM by Phoenix

Well i was checking the shoutbox logs today and read the conversation last night
between ardaam and icingsugar about peace with duelcity, which led me to think
and decided to write a blog on the subject.
Icingsugar is a well intentioned individual and wants peace between all the community and recently been at duelcity and talking about peace between us and them again.
Although i am not duelcities biggest fan, i am always willing to give people second
chances and i dont hold grudges. After having a conversation with icing she suggested that melchett maybe open to talking about peace and that if i talked to him that we could progress in this area. Now me and melchett after the ban had a few running battles in which we argued, leading to him storming off because he was loosing, these were not friendly to say the least and with such choice words were spoken by both sides.
So going into this conversation icing suggested i should be the bigger man and apoligise, so when it came time to talk to melchett i did apoligise for some things i did say, it was the right thing to do altho what i had said had perfectly valid foundations and he continues to prove my point on that matter, sometimes one person needs to rise above the pettyness. He accepted my apoligy, but did he do it with grace or respect no he did not he then proceeded to continue claiming about the avatar system, www.livingavatars.com,
everyone outside of duelcity knows that program exists yet he still stands by that
flawed arguement and even when presented with the site he would not listen.
He did not apologise about the lies he told and spread, he did not show any remorse
or humanity in the subject, i willingly came to talk about peace and even to show those sentiments apologised for my disputes with him. It was all just thrown back in my face, i had let go of my dislike for duelcity, yet he and his duelcity friends could not look past theirs. He even went as far as saying they will never be peace between vastacon and duelcity. The same time at which i had shadow server calling me names and attacking me, and what did melchett do about that, stop her, no he encouraged her.
Icing was asking ard for us not to disrupt their events because he was just in the same room, yet they do that and did you say anything to them, to compound that fact, giglamesh was at the arc final, did anything get said to him ?
It is quite clear duelcity do not want peace as long as the same people are in charge and they do spread lies about our team and they do have personal attacks, while we have done nothing to provoke them of this for the last year, we have moved on, we have our own site to build and concentrate on. If they want to hold onto that hatred and bitterness i was shown well thats there problem, id rather concentrate on making this site open to free speach, open to friends and being the best site it can be I like the idea of peace between the two sides icing but your talking to the wrong side we welcome anyone to this site regardless of the past, can duelcity say the same ?
Too be continued......
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    NeoArtisan's Avatar
    What i find interesting is whenever that banning thing comes up while a DC member is around they always whip out that crap about the avatars eventhough that had nothing to do with why we were banned since it was brought to SS's attention AFTER we all got banned as an attempt to make all the other member's of DC see how "evil" we are and get rid of any doubts they had about our banning, and even if it was one of the reasons its not true like you said and wouldnt justify banning an entire team in the first place.

    But i will say this, we should stop focusing on what DC does so much and stop flipping out whenever they are mentioned, im not referring to you phoenix i agree with what you just said.

    Remember ppl anyone is welcomed to this site as long as they dont cause trouble so lets not give them a reason to think that this is not true, and im sure we all know that not all of DC is bad, infact its a very small portion, and we have seen several DC members on this site before that we got along with without any trouble.

    So lets not do anything to provoke them or to stir up a fight, any misbehavior on our part will only make what they said about us seem more true.
    Posted 10-27-2009 at 03:32 PM by NeoArtisan NeoArtisan is offline
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    cyberninja's Avatar
    People are free to chose to go back if they would like. Just as people are free to chose to have nothing to do with these guys.

    Lets not forget they banned an entire team for being part of the team. Then they banned a whole group of people for being friends with the members of this team.

    If the real reason was the avatar system. Then only 2 of us should have been banned as there were only 2 admins with the ability to create the avatar system for this site. I was one of them.

    We were just too hard to control and they didn't like it. They are entitle to that opinion, however since the administration of DC has not changed I don't see anything changing.

    Just look at Texcy being demoted for a week for clearly violating their rules and actually scamming cards from members of this team. She's still a mod but the vast majority of Vcon members never broke a single rule and were banned for life.

    I want nothing to do with those cowards.

    Posted 10-27-2009 at 07:01 PM by cyberninja cyberninja is offline

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