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End of an Era

Posted 08-31-2009 at 05:24 PM by bulldogbreed

I am sitting here after reading Ard's blog wondering about reputations in the game and my decision to give up. It hit me that over the last 6 months that disregarding the health issues I have the game has become stagnant for me. I could win more duels by sticking with those decks that are event built but I just dont seem to enjoy them half as much as when I first built them.

So the dueling has stopped be fun, the new cards coming into the game are just promoting more meta decks as they will be the only consistant decks for events. So now to win you not only have to play meta but play meta better than your opponent. Yes that means fun duels diminish even more and the opportunity to use unusual or strange tactics disappears if you want to win.

Strange as it may seem dueing was not about winning as much as proving that my deck creations could compete. I have a win ratio of 49.8% and over 9000 duels racked up. I would guess at least half my losses have occured when I get an idea and need to test it. NPCs just dont challenge so I would go into the japan lobby and just see what I get. A lot of the time the ideas were sound but the deck needed changes to get it to work. It might take10 losses for me to even understand what aspects I was misplaying especially if it involved discards.

So people have comment about me "staying around" and I will stay on here to wind people up but the pleasure I took from the game has gone. Add to that the pressure I put on myself to be top 5 UK and top 50 world in tp and it just really took every pleasure I got from the game to a negative level. This combined with my health has made me realise that the point of playing any game is to enjoy it. Ok we all want to be the top of the game but hey thats true of any game.

So I am truly looking forward to the depletion of my dp which if I am right will occur around the last evo event and the end of the season. The end of ???? still not sure what my reputation was!

And if there is enough interest I will sponsor a character duel event with UM sets as prizes. I will post more in the stadium next week.
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    RedBarron's Avatar
    bull i personally will be sorry to see u go m8 but i feel the same way about the game stagnant and boring ,meta fuelled and forgotten are some of the phrases that come to mind but as for u m8 u where and always will be 1 of the best players in my eyes ... personality and game u where top of the shop m8 .
    Posted 08-31-2009 at 07:33 PM by RedBarron RedBarron is offline
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    ZeroForce's Avatar
    bull as opposed to simply quitting the game how about an extended leave of absence until/IF they make YO3...if/when YO3 comes out it may take the game back to its roots of people playing for fun...who knows eh.
    Posted 09-01-2009 at 01:01 AM by ZeroForce ZeroForce is offline
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    ZF, I have thought about it but because of my health I can't see that I will. Never say never but my health goes downhill under stress and I really get stressed at 4 wins in GS. No matter how many times I tell myself to relax the game goes and messes me up. So 300 or so duels left and expecting to get through 120 or so in DT.

    And do you really think that YGO3 will reduce meta or reshape it? Personally I can only see the meta game getting worse with Synchros.
    Posted 09-01-2009 at 09:15 AM by bulldogbreed bulldogbreed is offline

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