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Yea the new cyber support is amazing.
You say you have a speed issue so im gonna try to focus on that

-2 shining angel (very slow and not worth it imo)
-2 proto cyber dragon (very old school. all the new monsters have the same effect)
+1 cyber dragon core (you want to draw this turn 1. its the stratos of cybers)
+1 cyber valley

-2 polymerization (like jj said power bond and gate are better. you say you dont want to take the high damage twice which is right. the 2nd power bond you use is supposed to end the duel)
+2 power bond
+2 MST ( instead of burst or iron call. u need to clear back row for your fusions to hit, and with all the removal in deck, im not sure how iron call will work)
+1 cyber repair plant( i like it at 3 tbh. its optional)
+2-3 machine duplication (here is your speed. You can use it on valley to draw cards or core to summon 2 cyber dragons from your deck. Simply awesome)

+1 return from dd (can really take opponents by surprise to finish the duel)

Also if you decide to go with fusion gate instead of poly, you can run a single copy of malefic cyber end dragon for an easy 4k monster

this is what i think. i didnt do any balancing btw just gave my ideas of what you should try. Hope it works better now
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