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Default Updated Rules Regulations & Guidelines

  1. Duelaccelerator.com does not condone the use of profanity of any kind against another member or person whom is not on this website, this includes racial hatred, sexist comments and 'newb' comments. You will be given warnings by our staff for breaches of this rule.
  2. You may not have more than 1 Account on this site, if you want a new user name, request it off a member of staff.
  3. As a member of this site, you are asked to act maturely and not insult or flame any person that is a member of this website, furthermore any arguments that lie off-site are to be kept off-site as DuelAccelerator.com has a zero tolerance policy for infighting.
  4. Duelaccelerator.com does not adhere to the posting or promotion of Pornographic or any inappropriate images, such images will be removed and the user who posted it will receive an account Restriction.
  5. DuelAccelerator.com does not endorse nor accept any ‘scam’ ‘hacker’ or ‘jerk’ warnings as we believe that solid evidence on the Internet is over circumstantial and not up to the standards that we would condone as proof. We reserve the right to close, and eventually delete all threads dealing with this matter.
  6. Members of the site are asked not to double post, such posts will be deleted or merged. Multiple offenses of this will incur an account Restriction.
  7. Accounts that remain inactive for 180 day's or more may be deleted.
  8. We ask you as a member of this site to keep all posts inline with the topic that it is attached to.
  9. Bumping your own thread is forbidden on this site and those who go through with this will be warned or worse. (However, you are allowed to Bump your Trade Request Thread once every day.)
  10. You are asked, not to insult or defame the Duelaccelerator.com product, however, if you have a reasonable argument put against the site, please contact us directly and we will try deal with it as soon as possible.
  11. Ante-Dueling,(Bet Dueling), looking for, promoting using this websites community side to organize them is forbidden by the management of Duelaccelerator.com. Reasons for this is to prevent unnessecary loss of cards occurring.
  12. No Public offering of BoosterPass trading within the shoutbox and/or threads on this site, should you wish to do so you must do it via PM/ShoutboxPM.
  13. Please keep image signatures 170hx500w pixels. Signatures that break these dimensions will be removed.
  14. Any content that you post on Duelaccelerator.com, and that is used by the staff of Duelaccelerator.com will be credited to you for your work in its creation.
  15. As use of this site, you are hereby asked not to spark religious debate and/or preach about your personal beliefs with another member of the site.
  16. Any Content that is plagiarized from another person or persons will be removed from the site, also Duelaccelerator.com take no responsibility for the member or members who took part in this plagiarizing.
  17. When using the Shoutbox please do not post more than 5 times in a row to ensure that you are not simply spamming the Shoutbox.
  18. When on site please do not beg/ask for free cards, if you are caught there will be appropriate sanctions for multiple breaches of this point.
  19. Account Trading, Account Selling is forbidden on the websites forums you may do so privately but it is not for public viewing, All threads will be closed and then deleted.
Thank You
From the Duelacelerator.com Staff

Deck Base Rules

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