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Arrow The Arena

After looking through some Harthstone videos and checking out the Arena format they have I figured something similar might be cool for yugioh. The rules are as follows (Please note this is not meant as a ladder or tournament format but more as a casual or alternative format. If we get more traction then we can run tournaments)

1) Players joining the Arena can pick 30 new cards (no more no less) and these cards are added to the pool (Please PM me your pool so I can add it to the main pool so things don't get crowded). Don't add cards already in the pool too the pool.

2) Players then pick random cards from the pool to construct a deck using the method below. Use a random number generator (such as )

The method to doing this is simple. You roll three random numbers using a random number generator (so for example let's say I get 27, 44 and 8). If the Twenty-Seventh card is Dark Magician, the Forty-Fourth is Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the Eighth is Mirror Force then I pick either Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Mirror Force and add one to the deck. Then repeat until you have 40 cards.

If you draw a second copy of any non-limited cards it counts, it you draw a third copy of unrestricted cards they also count. If you draw a fourth they do not count. Rolls that don't count should be rerolled.

3) Players who win a duel in the Arena may pick one extra card from the pool to place in the side deck (The side deck and main deck can exchange cards outside of duels)

4) Players who lose 3 duels must delete the Arena Deck they lost with. I'm not going to put a limit on how many decks you can have but try not to have too many. The entire point is to try out new cards/combinations.
*(This rule is very much up for debate)*

The Pool will be posted below. New rules/changes to rules are up for debate. Feel free to post them below.

Now i'm not gonna call people on decks. I won't ask for screenshots or anything. If you say you rolled it then you did. We're all... We're mostly adults here. But the entire point of the Arena is to try new cards and combinations. If you just want to duel with a deck then make it and duel outside the Arena. Entry is not mandatory (but very much appreciated)

When making a pool don't worry about it being orderly. Just send me the 30 cards and I'll do the rest. Doesn't even need to be in any coherent format.
I hope senpai notices me.

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