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Default Abyss Rising

As suggested in the shoutbox, we really do need to get more active threads. so i decided to revive an old series of mine that went down with yugioh online.

Every new pack released contains cards that make you drool. Every card that makes you drool, will have you thinking of how you are going to abuse it and why you think its really awesome.
This is the post for ABYSS RISING. i decided to restart with abyss rising instead of cosmo blazer because we just got the TCG release of abyss. so more cards to discuss XD. i will post a new thread for cosmo next week if we have enough action in here.

Rules for choosing the cards you like:
The limit is 4 cards. 2 monsters (including xyz/synchro), 1 spell, and 1 trap. Its better to focus on a lower number of cards than to post all the cards you like or find interesting.

so i will start with my choices i guess.

Empress of Prophecy:

really a great effect. the ability to destroy all the monsters on your opponent's field (or at least 2 considering half of your deck should be spellbooks). the rank 5 is the only thing making it harder to play in a pure prophecy deck. i have a deck that is dedicated for summoning this babe over and over and quickly going around with non prophecy monsters.
still hoping for a rank 3 or 6 prophecy xyz though.


ok, this card might be the coolest looking card in a while XD interesting effect that makes for nice deck ideas. im personally interested in making a deadalus deck around this guy.

The Grand Spellbook Tower:

Kind of Obvious that i will be choosing this card XD Tower makes everything better when its on the field. you get to return a used spellbook to the deck, and draw 1 extra card per turn. so if your opponent ignores it you will keep generating ++. and if he goes and destroy it, you get a monster on the field, still a + ^^

Memore of and Adversary

I really only like the art on it XD continuing the story of freed and giga

so these were my choices? what are yours?
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Tnx Bird its great to see Insight into cards and effects I'm well lost with what cards are in the packs we so suck here on when we get them. but its real good to see posts on the site again
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Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion

I like this card just because it supports the Daedalus archtype. Since they're mostly sea serpants it's easy to summon and if you draw it turn 1 it's not much of a dead draw due to it being level 5 and so working with A Legendary Ocean.

Shore Knight

I just like the idea of new attribute Armageddon Knights. Seems really cool to me. I look at this card and just wonder all the different things i could do with it as an engine.

Different Dimension Deepsea Trench

Another card that again supports the Daedalus archtype. You've got to like this card because it works in such an awesome way with the deck. Not only that if you were trying to run Neo-Daedalus it actually makes the card a lot less "All-In" and is a much nicer alternative than having to set Matter Transporters and waiting a turn to set up the summon.

Cash Back

I dunno about anyone else but I just like the card. I used to run a deck based mostly on Dark Voltanis and Counter traps that was mostly just for giggles and this card just looks like it'd be funny. Pay half your life points for solemn? Nope. No you don't. Oh and i've got the field advantage now thanks to my counter fairy friend.

All in all the pack has a lot of cool stuff it's just pretty much all water. Mind you the cards i liked were all water but still. Needs. Moar. Cyberdark.
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